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Drawing part contents

  • overall situation drawing
  • north view
  • south view
  • eastern view
  • western view
  • 1. floor plan
  • house foundations drawing
  • coordinating situation
  • drawing of the roof cladding
  • cross section A-A
  • cross section B-B

All documents are in DWG and PDF formats. All documents are in Czech language.

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3D view

1st floor plan

East view

West view

North view

South view

Cross section A–A

Cross section B–B

Overall situation drawing

Coordination situation

Drawing of the roof cladding

House foundations

Floor plans

1st floor



brick house

Usable area

101 square meters

Living area

101 square meters

Built-up area

125 square meters







Roof type



12,6 meters


4,6 meters


10 meteres

The darkness is gone

You will simply fall in love with bungalow Marcus. This cosy house boasts bright rooms and combines a light, modern look with a practical layout.

Whether you’re more into aesthetic or functionality, the house has both. On one floor it boasts a 4+kk layout, which offers enough space for comfortable life for the whole family.

The two sides od the house are dominated by unmissable French windows, designed with an orientation to the garden and to the street. They provide a great view and brighten every corner of the room. No more dark corners and gloomy shadows.

You will also appreciate the practical division of the house space into three parts: technical, residential and relaxing. The technical room is situated near the entrance to the house. So it is just a few steps away from you, even when you’re outside. The same goes for a separate toilet.

For family and friends

The heart of the house is a residential area in the form of a bright, airy living room. A whole family, even with guests, can fit into the space of more than 25 square metres.

A modern kitchen is connected to it via bar counter. There is also a pantry just behind the kitchen – forget about the interfering ingredients all over the place, everything will has it own place in a separate room.

Creativity is welcome

The relaxation area then offers three separate impassable rooms and a separate bathroom just around the corner. It’s up to you how many bedrooms and children’s rooms you create. Perhaps you’ll decide that you want a guest room, a game room or your very own cinema room. We offer a project – you will build a house of your dreams.

Beauty in simplicity

The floor plan in the shape of a square supports the minimalistic look of the house. The glass surfaces of the windows are complemented by exterior wood paneling, which ads a subtle elegant element to it.

Thanks to its lightweight appearance and wooden elements, the building blends beautifully with the nature around it and doesn’t disturb the landscape. On the other hand, it surpasses other buildings even in urban area. All thanks to its ease. There is beauty in simplicity.