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Drawing part contents

  • House foundations
  • 1. floor plan
  • 2. floor plan
  • Section A-A
  • House views
  • 1. floor electrical diagram
  • 2. floor electrical diagram
  • 1. floor water supply and sewerage scheme
  • 2. floor water supply and sewerage scheme
  • D3 lightning conductor diagram

+ Fire safety solutions, including the situation in PDF
+ Complete list of material in PDF

All documents are in DWG and PDF formats.

Video tutorial content

  1. Substructure
  2. Selection of containers and installation on site – welding
  3. Cutting holes, reinforcement and selection of windows
  4. Floors
  5. Stairs
  6. Anchoring the chassis to plasterboard
  7. Air recuperation, heating
  8. Roof, terrace and sheeting
  9. Insulation from inside and outside
  10. Tramps and gadgets

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1st floor

2nd floor

Section A–A

House foundations

1st floor electrical diagram

2nd floor electrical diagram

1st floor water supply and sewerage scheme

2nd floor water supply and sewerage scheme

Lightning conductor diagram

Floor plans

1st floor

2nd floor



Container house

Usable area

160 square meters

Living area

130 square meters

Built-up area

96 square meters


3 or 4





Roof type

flat with 3° tilt


12,5 meters


6 meters


7,7 meters

The combination of glass and metal has never been so impressive

Modern glass house made out of five containers will definitely attract the eye of many passers-by. With its 3+kk (that can even be extended to 4+kk) it’s a comfortable family-friendly place. Great for hanging up with your mates, too!

The ground floor is for a technical room as well as residential area with a spacious kitchen and dining room. The rexalation zone is situated on the first floor. Right at the entrance to the house, on the left side, there is convenient access not only to the technical room, but also smaller bathroom, which you’ll appreciate when coming from outside. Whether it‘s raining cats and dogs or a snowstorm is raging.

Royal rest

The center of the house is a large living room, the entire wall of which is formed by a glass area of a wide window. Feel free to forget about the TV – the view can become your new screen. The rays of the setting sun will bring a touch of romance to your apartment.

Thanks to its size, even a large family can comfortably eat in the dining room. The kitchen is situated right behind it, providing enough work space for cook thanks to two parts of the kitchen counter. The first part is located at the east wall, whereas the other, in the form of a bar table, is facing back to the dining area. It’s up to you whether you reach for a modern design or rustic look reminiscent of a carefree afternoons at the cottage.

The stairwell space is filled with pantry, which is accessible from the kitchen. The atypical room is therefore transformed into practical pantry for everything your heart and tongue desire.

A stable spiral staircase takes you to the first floor with two residential rooms await you along with one separate changing room and a spacious bathroom with a bathtub. Whether you turn the rooms into an office or a bedroom, the breathtaking view from the wide windows will be your faithful companion and will bring peace and relax into every activity of yours.

Additionally, the first floor is extended by an immense terrace of a 30 square meters, accessible by balcony doors from both rooms and even from a bathroom. The planned orientation of the house is facing the west side – if you choose this option, you will enjoy the observations of colourful sunsets from the comfortable terrace. And if you want to turn the house… well, the spectacle of a romantic sunrise sounds great as well.

Modern lifestyle

Fill your bathtub and enjoy a moment just for yourself in the bathroom with a beautiful view. Bubbles of fragrant foam and a glass of champagne will give you the relaxation you deserve. Let all the worries dissolve in hot water, so they can wash away from you.

The outer facade of the house is proccesed so that the walls of the container are indistinguishable from brick. You will only know the difference in the simpler preparation and, of course, lower price of the construction.

Thanks to the use of containers, the floor plan is a simple rectangle complemented by a terrace on the first floor. The flat roof gives the building a modern industrial look. But the main feature of the house are wide and tall windows.